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NZSA Northland

Thank you to the many branches of the New Zealand Society of Authors who have become wonderful collaborative partners in this creative endeavour by sponsoring Regional Prizes.

In 2016, the following branches are sponsoring Regional Prizes:

Auckland * Canterbury * Hamilton  

Northland * Otago * Wellington 

For more about the NZSA, please go here.




A heartfelt thank you to Auckland-based Designlab for the generous time and care put into creating National Flash Fiction Day’s logo and banner and for the general support as NFFD has stretched and grown.

So many people have remarked on how they love the quill and the colours — and we do, too!

where words and pictures are distilled
Designlab is a graphic design and copywriting studio. 
We love pictures. We love words. We love NFFD.





NFFD is grateful for the local support we receive for our events and celebrations.


logo_ACCentral City Library, Auckland

12189584_1630663627201066_3023416341320386853_nSpace Academy, Christchurch

imagesThistle Inn, Wellington

light house cinema_cuba_logoLighthouse Cinema Cuba, Wellington

Shop-frontMarsden Books, Wellington

jasonbookslogo  Jason Books, Auckland


EKOR-BLACK (1) (1)Ekor Bookshop Cafe, Wellington

Unity-Books-Logo131Unity Books, Wellington


downloadUniversity Bookshop, Canterbury


scorpio_logo_webScorpio Books, Christchurch



National Flash Fiction Day would not be what it is without generous help from individuals and friends in the literary world. 

If you’d like to send a donation and help our Sponsors list grow this year and beyond, please contact us:

nationalflash [at] gmail [dot] com. 


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