Welcome to 2021 National Flash Fiction Day!

celebrating June 22 – the shortest day of the year

Please watch this space for updates as we schedule the 2021 celebrations. COVID permitting, we’ll see a return of small events in major cities around Aotearoa New Zealand, but we are also planning online events for international participants. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the creative world around the small form is expansive — and we are heartened by the way we were all able to reach across borders to celebrate last year!

Events news for 2021 coming soon… 




Please enjoy last year’s events while you are preparing for this year! 

Just click on the NFFD logo to go to the YouTube channel, where we shared the 2020 programme, including guest readers, music, micros, a book draw and more — and the livestreamed video with our 2020 judges, winning stories and prize-giving!

2020 readings and discussions

Best Small Fictions and Best Microfictions: an international reading


from Best Microfiction

  • Steven John
  • Kathryn Kulpa
  • jj peña
  • Michelle Ross
  • Charmaine Wilkerson
  • Francine Witte

from Best Small Fictions 2020

  • Micah Dean Hicks
  • Omotara James
  • Angie Sijun Lou
  • Rachel Smith
  • Lavanya Vasudevan

Youth Voices 


    • Penelope Duran
    • Freddie Gormack-Smith
    • Samantha Jory-Smart
    • Lucy Kennedy
    • Denika Mead

The Art of Writing Small: A Roundtable with Journal Editors Around the World 


Imagination Unbound: Five Women on the Poetic Narrative Form 


· Nod Ghosh, author of Filthy Sucre (Truth Serum Press 2020)
· Diane Brown, author of Every now and then I have another child (OUP 2020)
· Helen Rickerby, author of How to live (AUP 2019)
· Anne Kennedy, author of Moth Hour (AUP 2019)
· Gail Ingram, author of Contents Under Pressure (Pukeko Publishing 2019)


Reading series

YouTube reading series – an online reading series at the Flash Frontier YouTube channel, featuring new books, journal editors, youth readers, NFFD judges past and present, Bath novella-in-flash readings, Best Small Fictions, City Chairs and more.  Please sign up to the YouTube channel and see what’s coming next!

Micro Madness – June 1-22 micro readings from our annual international micro competition, with lockdown micros and no-theme micros – two per day!

New Books –  celebrating books published in 2020 from around the world!


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    • Hello, Sue — Please send a note to our email account (on the Home page) and also to Flash Frontier (flashfrontier [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll keep you informed. Thanks for your interested from the NFFD team.

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